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6 Charming Activities For Seniors in Canby, Oregon

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Beautiful Canby, Oregon is a hidden gem in the Pacific Northwest. Nestled among lush landscapes and scenic beauty, Canby offers an array of fun activities for local residents and visitors alike. Whether you’re a Canby senior looking to have fun by yourself, with friends or with family, there’s something for everyone in this charming city: 

1. Explore the Molalla River State Park

For nature lovers, the Molalla River State Park is a must-visit destination. This pristine park spans over 8,000 acres, offering breathtaking views of the Molalla River as it winds its way through the landscape. Visitors can indulge in various recreational activities, such as hiking, picnicking, birdwatching, and even camping. The park’s diverse flora and fauna provide a perfect setting for photographers and wildlife enthusiasts to capture memorable moments.

2. Discover the Canby Ferry

The historic Canby Ferry is an iconic attraction that dates back to the 1910s. Operating across the Willamette River, this ferry offers a unique and nostalgic experience for visitors. Hop aboard and enjoy a short yet picturesque ride, taking in the beauty of the surrounding countryside. The Canby Ferry is not just a mode of transportation; it’s a living piece of history that you won’t want to miss.

3. Visit the Canby Depot Museum

Delve into the rich history of Canby by visiting the Canby Depot Museum. Housed in a restored 1906 train depot, this museum showcases artifacts, photographs, and exhibits that narrate the city’s past. Learn about the early settlers, the development of the railway system, and the vibrant community that shaped Canby into what it is today. The museum offers a fascinating insight into the region’s heritage.

4. Enjoy Wine Tasting in Canby’s Vineyards

Calling all wine enthusiasts! Canby boasts some excellent wineries and vineyards that offer delightful wine tasting experiences. Savor a variety of locally produced wines, each with its unique flavors and characteristics. The picturesque vineyards create an enchanting setting for a relaxing day out with friends or a romantic date with a loved one.

5. Attend the Canby Rodeo and Fair

Experience the true essence of the American West at the Canby Rodeo and Fair. Held annually, this lively event features thrilling rodeo performances, carnival rides, live music, delicious food, and much more. The Rodeo and Fair bring the community together for days of fun-filled entertainment and memorable experiences.

6. Stroll Through the Swan Island Dahlias

Indulge in the vibrant beauty of the Swan Island Dahlias. This family-owned farm is the largest dahlia grower in the United States, with over 40 acres of stunning blooms. Wander through the fields bursting with colors and take stunning photos to cherish forever. During the blooming season, the farm also hosts dahlia festivals, offering workshops and showcasing breathtaking floral arrangements.

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Written by Stephanie Fenton

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